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We focus on electronics and software development – from the first concept to a production-ready device.

About Us

Since 2007, Damedics has been developing products for highly regulated industries. During the first years we mainly worked on concept development and feasibility studies, getting our customers from idea to proven concept.

Especially for start-ups, developing the first prototype is not the end of the story. Building up a reliable manufacturing infrastructure can be a complex process. With the experience gained from many projects, we can now reliably accompany our customers all the way to establishing series production.

We keep our company small and agile, but we are constantly expanding our partner network to provide you with the best resources for your project.



The more difficult the problem, the greater our enthusiasm. We just love to find solutions for technical challenges.

Usually, a project starts with workshops to define the project goal and the project requirements. Our customer decides if they want to follow an iterative (agile) process or a classic V-model approach.

Many years of experience in electronics and software development help us to accelerate the definition and feasibility phase and to quickly arrive at a first prototype.

Electronics and embedded software development is usually done in-house at Damedics. For mechanical design, mobile apps and other software components we have a great partner network we can rely on.

We are used to working in highly regulated environments (e.g. medical devices) with extensive design verification and validation processes. Our customers define the requirements to be applied and we provide the necessary design outputs.

Damedics does not provide in-house mass production. Therefore, the design transfer is an important step to guarantee our customers a smooth hand-over to the manufacturing site. We are happy to assist in selecting a reliable contract manufacturer.

Our Services

Concept Development

Transforming Ideas into Concepts

Research and Feasibility Studies

Defining Development Strategy


Functional Prototypes

Usability Prototypes

Software Prototypes

Electronics Development

Circuit Simulation

PCB Design

Compliance Testing

Software Development

Embedded SW Development

Software Verification

Testing Automation



Design Transfer to Manufacturer

Design Verification


Technology Management

Design Verification and Validation

Project Management


Judge for yourself the work and results we’ve achieved for other customers, and meet our highly motivated team who just loves to bring your ideas to reality.

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